Sharptone MOJO FUZZ (silicon Fuzz Face) SLIGHT BLEM

Image of Sharptone MOJO FUZZ (silicon Fuzz Face)  SLIGHT BLEM

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MOJO FUZZ by Sharptone FX

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The Sharptone Mojo Fuzz is a specially designed re-creation of a vintage silicon Fuzz Face. The point-to-point hand-wired twin-transistor circuit delivers a warm, saturated fuzz with excellent sustain. It is unique in dynamics and nails the tones of a silicon Fuzz Face from the 1960s.

Each pedal is individually built by hand one at a time, and uses only the best components available.

The circuit is hand wired using the point-to-point technique for ultimate signal path, on tag-board.

Carbon composition resistors.
High-grade ceramic and film capacitors.
Alpha pots.

Heavy-duty Carling footswitch.

Rugged, powder-coated die-cast enclosure.

True Bypass switching.

9v battery or external power supply operation.

Choice of knob styles and colours.

Sharptone FX is a builder of premium-quality, hand-made, hand-wired, analogue effects pedals. Each pedal is individually handcrafted one at a time by Mr Sharp, a professional musician and electronics technician, in his small workshop in England.

(Disclaimer: All trademarks are the property of their respective owners. ‘Fuzz Face’ has been used for reference purposes only.)

Effects Monkey says: "Get your mojo working with the Mojo Fuzz! This is a classic fuzz sound."

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