We usually have a wide selection of pre-owned pedals available from my collection - see list below

Please message me if interested in any item, using the 'contact' function.  

Enquiries welcome.

available currently . . .

Barber Trifecta Fuzz. [discontinued] 

Fuzz Face Mini germanium FFM2

Marshall Guv'nor (early 1990s)vintage.

Megatone Classic Overdrive   

Dunlop Headphone Amp CSP009 . rare.

Fender Phaser reissue [analogue phaser] [mint. unused. boxed]

 Akai Professional Chorus [analogue]  [Boss CE-2 clone] [mint. unused. boxed]

Aria CH-5 CHORUS . analogue. c.1985 vintage. made in Japan. rare.

Yamaha FL10M-II FLANGER. analogue. 1980s vintage. amazing cond 

Visual Sound LIQUID CHORUS. analogue. stereo.  [discontinued] 

Visual Sound Garagetone Chainsaw distortion. FET.  [discontinued] 

MI Effects Boost n Buff v3 

Voodoo Lab TREMOLO . optical.

Voodoo Lab Analog CHORUS. ( based on Boss CE-1 )  [discontinued] 

Boss DD-6 delay

 Boss TR-2 tremolo

 GLX RV-100 reverb [Boss RV-5 copy/knockoff]

Behringer Tube Overdrive [real valve overdrive!] 

[last updated: 07/07/2019 ]